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VO Westlake G.A.N.G. on way to Winter Retreat 2017
Praying for G.A.N.G. Winter Retreat 2017- VO Westlake
Jimmy Sincerly, Pastor Vico McLellan, Bro Victor, S.O.G.Jimmy Sincerly

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Send Jackie to the UTC in S. Africa--Hello my name is Raylene and I am a member of Victory Outreach Westlake Church in Los Angeles, Ca. I have been given the privilege in being a part of helping raise money for a Beautiful Young Women of God who I admire very much. We as a church would like to help take the financial Burden off Jackie's family by trying to help Jackie raise the funds needed so that she can go to Urban Training Center for six months in Cape Town, South Africa to do a mighty work for God. Jackie’s Tuition alone for those Six (6) Months is: $2,500.00   Before I share with you about what The U.T.C is let me share a few words about Jackie.  Jackie is a Beautiful and Bright 17 yr. old Young lady who is in her Senior Year in High School. Not only is Jackie a full time student but she is also in full time Ministry @ Victory Outreach Westlake Church.  Jackie is one of the Worship Leaders in our church and Our Gang Girl Leader for our Youth Ministry. Jackie is a very humble young lady with such a Beautiful Heart and a Great calling upon her life.     Here is a little info on what the U.T.C is and what its program teaches:  The U.T.C. has constructed a rigorous academic program.  The purpose is to train young people in four areas: Personal Development, Church Leadership, Church Planting and Missions Outreach. Student classes include: Urban Evangelism, Developing Your Spiritual Gifts, Becoming a Dynamic Transmitter of God’s Word and Becoming A Godly Leader, just to name a few. The faculty consists of dynamic pastors and teachers from a diversity of backgrounds. Each has practical, hands-on experience. Upon graduation, students have a deeper understanding of God’s Word and how its power can be applied today.  Psalms 78:72 – “So he shepherded them according to the integrity of his heart, and guided them by the skillfulness of his hands.”  In order to go on this trip, Jackie needs to raise a little more than, $4500.00 for travel and ministry expenses. I know that God has led Jackie to follow Him and this is why she made the decision to go to the U.T.C in South Africa.   If you would be willing to help her out with a donation even a small amount of even $25 would be a great blessing, but if you could help with more, it would really be appreciated.   Either way, I hope you will pray for her as she prepares to Graduate and leave her family as she takes the next step in her walk in Christ. This is way out of Jackie’s comfort zone and she has never been away from her parents for so long and across the world at that, but I know that God is in it, and I am excited to see what He has in store for her life.   Thank you so much;   Raylene
For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? Isaiah 43:19  — with Westlake Gang
Deanna, Dailene, Johnathan, Joshua, Cesar, Osar, Corey Now Generation
Westlake Gang 1/6/ 2015 1st ground breaking Worship Practice pretty good for their 1st time. How you like them now Pastor Victor Mclellan please keep them in prayer
More then music Westlake Gang Worship Team will be a mighty weapon in the hands of Papa God and a mighty army for VictoryOutreach Westlake Pastor Victor Mclellan

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